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Carm Rural Mines

Welcome To Cam Rural Mines

Cam Rural Mines is a mining and Mineral Trading company based in the Eastern Region of Cameroon. Cam Rural Mines is a company created with the sole opjective of contributing to the development of our community. Cam Rural Mines is thus a community based company which main objective is to use the profits from mining and minerals for the development of the community. 

As such, Cam Rural Mines benefits from many government incestines which makes our products (Gold, Diamond and Mercury to be sold at the best rates in the market.)

As a community based project our clients benefit from our status eg in shipment of their products using our paperwork, transportation, security etc. 

Sustainable Mining to make the world a better place.

At Cam Rural Mines, we mind with the interest of the community and the clients at heart. We go an extra miles to respect all the mining rules set aside by the government.

We sell our products in the local and international markets and we welcome partners and investors to joins us in making our venture more profitable and sustainable.

Our Products

Silver Mercury
Red Mercury

Why Us

  • Community Involvement
  • Sustainable Mining
  • Innovative Process
  • Worldwide Supply
  • Affordable rates
  • Growing Portfolio