Rough Diamond for Sale


Welcome and thanks for taking interest in Cam Rural Mines. We have diamond for sale and we offer you the best deals in the market. Our Diamond is sold in the local market as well as internationally. Wether you are buying diamond to sell commercially or buying for your self or love one, Cam Rural Mines is your ideal partner. 

We stand out of the crown in Diamond trading in Cameroon. With Cam Rural Mines you are getting certified Diamond. We can post your diamond to any location of your choice. You just need to provide your address. If you wish to travel with your diamond bought from us, we will do all the paper work at no extra cost. 

At Cam Rural Mines we place much importance in the security of our clients and create a very friendly environment for our clients to conduct business.

We want to make sure that our clients get the best offers. We do not accept middle men in the trading of our Diamonds and other minerals. We deal directly with our clients eliminating middle men completely. 


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For any inquiries, fo not hesitate to contact us. We will love to hear from you. We will like you to know about us just as much as you will love to know and even more. Fill our contact form to the left or use our Contact page to reach us. 

We have a very strict rule of replying to all emails within 12 hours. This includes public holidays. For more urgent inquiries please reach us through phone number which is also available on WhatsApp. 

While sending an email, please be as detailed as possible. This will enable us give you the most appropriate response. 

Join Us

We welcome investors at Cam Rural Mines. You can join us in our mining by investing and be sure of even much more better trading deals. Cam Rural Mines is a community based company. We use the profits from the sales of minerals in the development of our community. We welcome investors who will partner with us to increase our production and quality in product delivery and customer care. We welcome you to contact us today lets explore possibilities of mutual interest and benefits. There is nothing as good as a win win situation and thats what we are out to create.