We Deal in Gold Nuggets, Gold Dust, Gold Bars, Rough Diamond, Red and Silver Liquid mercury.

CAM RURAL MINES CORPORATION products are for those who desire something truly unique, as each nugget has its own perfect formation. All our nuggets are hand cleaned.

As You Know Africa is famous for having huge deposits of gold mining. We are based in USA and across Africa to deliver our best gold product. CAM RURAL MINES CORPORATION is the leading miners wholesale suppliers and exporter of Gold  worldwide which provides the best gold collection of products to its clients. The products include Gold Bar, Raw Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets. In addition to that we also supply high quality Diamond and Mercury.

The quality of our all products are totally beyond compare as we supply the finest quality of gold bars, to our clients in different countries. Along with supplying Gold Bar, Raw Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets , we also guide our customers in associated documents to ensure smooth delivery.

CAM RURAL MINES CORPORATION quality is up to the mark which will surely not disappoint you at any stage. We have a team of best professionals who help our customers in selecting products and offers them best deal whenever they need. We assure fast and smooth delivery of products through the safe network at reasonable cost.

As pioneers in the Gold Mining segment, we understand the importance of trust and that is why, over the years, we worked on building that trust. We ensure that every product sold through our online stores are checked for their authenticity.