Rough uncut Diamonds

Best quality Rough uncut diamonds for sale at Cam Rural Mines Corporation.

  • Get these one of a kind pieces of rough uncut diamonds  for antique style jewelry at a wholesale price
  • This lot  consists of uncut diamonds in 1 carat to 3-carat sizes which are perfect to set in an antique diamond engagement ring or an antique diamond pendant
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Rough uncut diamonds

Thinking to choose Rough uncut diamonds for your new antique diamond jewelry? Then I must suggest that you can choose this lot for it. This lot of uncut  diamonds weighs 50 carat which consists of diamonds of 1 to 3 carats. These diamonds are of opaque clarity and are of uneven shapes.

Yes, the use of rough diamonds have gained much of popularity and its demand with the famous jewelers is increasing as people want to try something unique. So if you are a jeweler and you are thinking to do something different this time then you must go for these pieces.

Rough diamonds are purest and natural form on their own. They are not polished and  are uncut  kept  as they are. Their actual beauty is in their natural form. And this is the only reason why people are getting rough diamonds nowadays for their new jewelry collection.


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