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Gold for sale
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Thanks for taking interest in Cam Rural Mines. We offer you the best deals for Gold in Cameroon. We have gold for sale. We are a good destination for Gold buyers from all over the world. Cam Rural Mines is a community based company. We are exempted from various taxes other companies pay. Because of this, you can buy gold from us at the best rates in the market. 

We sell Raw Gold, Gold Bar and Gold dust. We mine our Gold in the Eastern Region of Cameroon and we sell to customers locally and internationally. If we welcome you to contact us for gold deals. We offer you very high quality gold, security and the best rates.

For buyers who are interested in doing things them selves, Cam Rural Mines is seeking for investors in the mining sector. We welcome you t visit our mining site and contribute in the mining of Gold in order to get gold at discount rates which you will never find else where. 

Depending on the wish of clients, Cam Rural Mines can prepare all the paper work and arrange for the shipment of your Gold at no extra cost. If you want to buy and travel with your Gold, we will prepare all the paper work which enables you travel with your gold with great ease. As a mining company, we do everything possible to make sure that our clients conduct business in a very friendly environment.

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Contact UsFor any inquiries regarding our Gold offer, kindly fill the webform to the right. For more urgent inquiries, contact us using our telephone and WhatsApp number. 

We reply to all emails within 12 hours on working days as well as on public holidays. Its a rule which we always respect. If sending us an email, be as detailed as possible as to enable us to give an answer which will go a long way in dressing your issue.

Visit our Contact page for our full contact details. For more general inquiries, we advice you to use the details on our Contact Page. 


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